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Issued by the state department: implement the standards of pharmaceutical and medical devices to improve the plan of action!
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Issued by the state department: implement the standards of pharmaceutical and medical devices to improve the plan of action!

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Recently, the central committee of the communist party of China (CPC) central committee (hereinafter referred to as "guideline") issued the guidelines for the promotion of quality improvement.
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Recently, the central committee of the communist party of China (CPC) central committee (hereinafter referred to as "guideline") issued the guidelines for the promotion of quality improvement.
The guideline points out that improving supply quality is the main direction of supply-side structural reform, and improving the quality of products and services is the central task of improving the supply system. It is essential to adhere to the value orientation of quality first, to meet the needs of the people and strengthen the national comprehensive strength.
The guideline is clear, increasing the quality supply of agricultural products and food products.
We will improve the safety regulatory system for food and drug products, enhance unity, professionalism and authority, and provide organizations and institutional guarantees for food and drug safety. We will continue to promote the integration of food safety standards with international standards, and accelerate the upgrading of standards of nutrition and health. We will promote industrialization and standardized production of traditional staple foods. Promoting quality and safe development of dairy industry. Develop convenient food, frozen food and other modern food industry. The implementation of the standards of pharmaceutical and medical devices improves the plan of action, comprehensively elevates the quality level of drugs, and improves the quality stability and controllability of traditional Chinese medicine. To promote the quality and efficacy of generic drugs.
We will improve social governance and public services. We will promote the "Internet plus government services", accelerate the standardization of administrative approval, optimize the service process, simplify the work process and improve administrative efficiency. We will improve the level of urban governance and promote urban refinement and standardized management. We will improve the supply of quality public services. We will make steady progress in improving the plan of action for medical services. Establish and improve medical dispute prevention mediation mechanism and build harmonious doctor-patient relationship.
The guidelines suggest that by 2020, China's supply quality will significantly improve, the supply system will be more efficient, and the construction of quality powers will achieve significant results and the overall quality of the quality will be significantly improved.
The quality of products, engineering and service was improved significantly.
Quality problems get effective governance, intelligent, friendly consumption in high-end products supply is increased, the proportion of high added value and high quality service to supply further ascension, made in China, China construction, service, Chinese brands will markedly enhance its international competitiveness.
The quality of industrial development has steadily improved.
Enterprise quality management level improved, upgrade traditional advantage industry value chain, strategic emerging industries efficiency features more obvious, the quality of the service sector further speeding up, the quality, and the synergistic extraction with skills and knowledge of technology, as the elements of a quality expanded significantly in competitive industries, forming a batch of first-class industrial cluster of world-class quality benefit.
The overall level of regional quality jumped.
Area main body function orientation and industry layout more reasonable, regional characteristics, industrial foundation and environmental capacity resources advantage, make full use of industrial gradient shift and quality upgrading propulsive synchronous, regional economic development pattern of connectivity and differentiation.
The national quality infrastructure is fully released.
Metrology, standards, testing, certification and accreditation, and other countries quality infrastructure systems complete and efficient operation and further enhance the technical level and service ability, significantly improve the international competitiveness, to scientific and technological progress, industrial upgrading, social governance, external exchanges of more powerful support.
The guideline stressed that to effectively strengthen the leadership of the organization, implement the strategy of quality power, strengthen the party's leadership of quality work, strengthen supervision and assessment, and strengthen propaganda and mobilization.
In addition, the "guidance" to break the quality improve the bottleneck, implement quality research project, to speed up the standard gear upgrades, inspire innovative quality, promote comprehensive quality management, strengthen the supervision of comprehensive quality and strive to build China brand, promote the quality of the work; Policy and institutional reform and improve the quality of development, strengthen the construction of quality system, increase financial support, improve the quality of talent education training system, improve the quality of incentive system put forward the requirement.