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These policies will affect doctors nationwide in Septembe
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These policies will affect doctors nationwide in Septembe

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In September, really is a revolution in 2017 medical point in time, small make up recently discovered at the beginning of a lot of big policy went into effect this month, if you are not aware, is the

In September, really is a revolution in 2017 medical point in time, small make up recently discovered at the beginning of a lot of big policy went into effect this month, if you are not aware, is the good luck body is in the mountain.
But these things are definitely a historic event for health care reform, affecting all doctors, nurses, pharmacists -- every medical worker.
Here's cypress blue to take you through, September, the medical circle these earth-shaking changes:
Since September, all public hospitals have zero price difference and medical service prices have been adjusted
In April, the national development and reform commission has held the medical service price reform work symposium, deploy all cancelled public hospital drug addition, was also ordered to carry out the national guard planning commission of the policy: "all the cities in China by September 30 public hospitals should be cancel the drug addition (except traditional Chinese medicine yinpian). Gradually increase the proportion of medical service income in hospital revenue.
In the early days of September, the whole country was busy implementing the elimination of drugs in public hospitals. For example, from September 9, jiangxi public hospitals will eliminate the addition of drugs and comprehensive reform to achieve full coverage; Starting Aug. 31, henan province has sold a total of zero-percent drug sales, adjusted for 3,700 medical service prices, and so on.
In September, it was said that in order to carry out the sale of drug free distribution and adjust the price of medical services, recently, hospitals in various regions have been busy making porridge. It also means that the policy of "medicine for medicine" will be completely broken down for more than half a century, which is a milestone in the development of our health career.
More hospital pharmacies are under custody since September
After the September drug zero spread, hospital pharmacies will turn from a for-profit sector to a loss-making sector, after which profits from drugs are "pure profit".
Recently, the development and reform on the BBS in a hospital, Shanghai 3 armour hospital revealed that the leadership of the hospital is affected by the drugs policy of zero price difference is very big still, because the cancellation of the zero price difference, the hospital about a decrease of more than seven thousand years of income, and about ten thousand staff, reduce the more than seven thousand, each worker revenue is equivalent to seven thousand. Although it will adjust the price compensation of medical services, it will also require a process, and in the absence of financial compensation, most of the losses will be through throttling and digestion.
This is the real situation facing the industry. The decline in hospital revenue also means that doctors' income will be difficult to raise in the short term. And because the pharmacy is not profitable, so now a lot of the pharmacy trusteeship out directly to the hospital, hosting solution both save the operation cost of the hospital pharmacy, hosting companies can also received must be paid to the hospital, is a hit it off.
So hospital pharmacy staff, pharmacists worry about the hosting mode, is likely to rise.
Starting from September, the new version of the health insurance directory will be implemented
At present, Beijing, zhejiang, anhui, jiangsu, hubei, hunan, chongqing, liaoning, jilin, xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, ningxia people club department and so on more than 20 provinces and cities, September 1, synchronous implementation of the new national health insurance directory. Thus, these regions take the lead in completing the adjustment of the provincial health care directory and connecting with the national health care directory.
The 2017 version of the health care drug catalog explicitly prescribes more than 20 traditional Chinese medicine injections, which can only be used by medical institutions in secondary hospitals. According to the 2017 version of the health care drug catalog, the primary medical community has compiled the 26 types of TCM injections that are not reimbursed by the primary hospitals:
ShuangHuangLian injection, injection ShuangHuangLian (lyophilization), qing ling injection, lotus will injection, toxic heat ning injection, xi phlogistic flat injection, phlegm heat injection, heartleaf houttuynia herb injection, bitter yellow injection, injection and injection, refreshing static injection, injection, injection of arteries and veins, xiang Dan injection and salvia miltiorrhiza injection, Dan red injection, vein injection, injection, injection with salvia miltiorrhiza safflower injection, bitter plate polyphenols acid salt, panax notoginseng saponins injection preparation, lamp injection preparation, bolted ning injection, ShuXieTong injection, ginkgo biloba injection preparation, fructus skin injection, renal injection.
September, is not only the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) injections cannot submit an expense account, at the grass-roots level and the new medical insurance directory also submit an expense account for more than 40 common proprietary Chinese medicine made the limitation of diseases, such as: compound glue mucilage: limit have severe anemia inspection evidence; Choroid and choroid (capsule, granule) : peripheral vascular thrombosis; Cerebral heart pills (tablets, capsules) : severe cerebral infarction, coronary heart disease angina patients; Compound thrombus (granule, soft capsule) : definitive retinal vein occlusion of the diagnostic evidence.
In conclusion, since September, traditional Chinese medicine injections and Chinese medicine can not be reimbursed at the grass-roots level, and we need to change the prescription habit.
Since September, pharmacies and clinics in rural areas face major examinations
According to the state food and drug supervision and administration bureau, issued the administration office to carry out the joints between urban and rural areas and rural areas on pharmacy clinic drug quality and safety during the notice in late September 2017 - in mid-november, administration of provincial bureau to carry out the centralized control to inspect, supervise and urge the provincial bureau of inspection found that the problem of serious processing, overhauling. The general administration will carry out flight inspections to pharmacies and clinics.
Check, check, finally ushered in September spot check, manage its own clinic, pharmacy.
Since September, the medical community has blossomed
The medical association, which is the focus of the classification diagnosis and treatment, has been Shouting for a long time, but it is obvious that this year's medical association has been implemented in a wide range of areas.
Besides couplet of medical goal in 2017: "the basic structures of couplet of medical system framework, the comprehensive start construction experimental unit of couplet of various kinds of medical, all tertiary public hospital to participate in and play a leading role,"
Again on August 30, national health development planning commission issued a "about certain public hospital comprehensive reform, the first national demonstration cities and notice of the second batch of national demonstration county, tianjin beichen district and other 26 counties (area, city, flag) identified as the second batch of national demonstration county, flag (area, city), and the pioneer to the local classification system construction based on the actual situation, adjust measures to local conditions, area, layer to form various kinds of medicine. Explore a variety of payment methods such as the total payment of medical insurance in the cooperative mode of the medical association.
It also means that after September, both tertiary hospitals and county-level hospitals should actively join the army of medical medias and explore their own models.
Looking at these policies, we found that it was different from the beginning of the year. We meet at the beginning of the year are big open policies, such as on-the-job doctors can open clinic, practitioners more big benefits, like in September and close to the tail, what we see is more heavy change and regulation strictly.
It is fair to say that all public hospitals and doctors are under pressure to ensure that the hospital is profitable, and that it is necessary to change the model of diagnosis and treatment to ensure that personal income is not reduced. Therefore, every medical staff must adjust their actions and mentality in a timely manner so as to keep pace with the medical reform.